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How do I find what's in my Experience Baby kit?
How do I find what's in my Experience Baby kit?
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Your Experience Baby curriculum includes a teacher bundle and child pack(s) These are sold separately and to know what is included in each, please refer to the end of the Experience Baby Curriculum Overview booklet.

Teacher bundle

It is packed in a canvas tote bag and in it you will find:

  • 36 Shared Experience cards (packed in a ziploc bag)

    • Please note that each Experience Card has a supply list on the upper right corner not all items listed are included as we suggest items that we assume you have at hand in your classroom or facility.

  • A monthly board book

  • A planning calendar

  • A ‘Read with Me’ book list

  • A CD with 12 original songs (each theme has a different music CD)

  • Storytelling puppets (varies every month)

  • A nursery rhyme poster

Child pack (s)

This is packed (per child) in a plastic bag and it will include:

  • A 56-page daily journal

  • Shared Experience stickers

  • Weekly engagement tracking forms

The Experience Baby Individual Assessment Form can be downloaded from the Assessment & Portfolio Tools section in Member Resources.


Please note: while pictured above, a pocket cube is not included in the teacher bundle

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