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How do I find what's in my Experience Toddler kit?
How do I find what's in my Experience Toddler kit?
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Planning & Child Materials

Each teacher guide in your Experience Toddler curriculum includes a Supply List on the first page (back of the cover). Here, we list: activities for the week; included supplies for each activity (included in the weekly bag); and your supplies (materials not included but needed).


Circle time

In this bag you will find materials listed in the Welcome To [Theme] booklet (also included in this bag).

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*Some items for Circle Time are included in the weekly bags, see below

Weekly bags

  • Letter Cards: included in the weekly bags (1-3)

  • Yoga Pose card is included in the weekly bag, where it will be introduced.

  • Newsletters: included in each weekly bag; 1 per child

  • Sign Language Cards: included in the weekly bags; 2 per week

Other materials

  • Toddler Daily Routine Cards (Songs and Transitions) are not included in the kit; this is a digital resource you can download from Member Resources in the Support Resources section.

  • Circle Time CD: Not included in the box, can be purchased here or you can stream online through Member Resources in the Digital Music section.

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