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How do I find what's in my Experience Preschool kit?
How do I find what's in my Experience Preschool kit?
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Supplied core tools

Each month, you can find out where a specific tool is included in your Preschool kit by looking at the Supplied Core Tools list on the back on your Teacher Tools bag cover page. Pictures below show the front and back.


Let’s take a closer look at this list (picture below) and note how the materials are broken down in different categories and the lesson bag where you can find a specific item.

  • Items in blue: indicate materials per child (referenced at the bottom of the list)

  • Member Resources: digital resources available for download. Take a look at How can I access Member Resources? for more information

  • STEAM Stations: free digital resource in Member Resources; can be shipped (printed) to your subscription for an additional cost ($26.24/month)

    • Includes: Big Question & Inspiration Photos and labels to identify and organize the materials.

Additionally, in your teacher guides you will notice that we list materials for each activity. Example below:

  • Supplies listed at the top are tools or materials to be shared by a whole group independently of the kit size you purchase.

  • For each child: materials included in the lesson bag for each child in your subscription to use and complete an activity

  • Your supplies: not included in the box; the whole month's list is found in the Gathering List (physical version included in Teacher Tools Bag; digital version available in Member Resources)

  • Items marked with *(asterisk) indicates that the item was packaged in a bag other than the Daily Discovery Bag

  • Converstation Poster: This is the cover page of each Daily Discovery Bag

Circle Time CD: not included in the box, can be purchased here or you can stream online through the Digital Music section of Member Resources.

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