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How is the Experience Curriculum diverse?
How is the Experience Curriculum diverse?
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Experience Early Learning believes every child is unique. Children develop at different rates, have different interests, and are influenced by diverse family and cultural backgrounds.

Our curriculum supports the development of the whole child, including self-awareness and physical development as developmentally appropriate. Thematic studies reinforce real-world connections and help children learn about themselves, their families, diverse communities, natural habitats and how they fit within the big, beautiful world.

Through the inclusion of photos, art, books and music in the lesson plans that represent diverse cultures, people, places and traditions, Experience Curriculum encourages children to learn and celebrate diversity, develop a sense of self as well as belonging within the classroom environment. Our mission is to ensure that the design of tools is both intrinsically inclusive and accessible to all children according to their needs while also helping children build empathy and curiosity for others who may look, sound, or act differently than themselves.

Experience Curriculum is a flexible and adaptable program. Educators have the freedom to incorporate additional content relevant to the individuality of a child as well as the ever-changing dynamics within a group of children.

The curriculum does not introduce or specifically address: the use of pronouns, gender or focus on specific types of families. Individual programs may decide to introduce these topics according to their program’s diverse populations, needs, and philosophies.

A key element in designing a safe and caring environment is intentionally inviting children and their families to tangibly present and display their values, beliefs and traditions within the classroom experience. We teach children to value and respect differences.

By learning to respect and appreciate diverse cultures and people, children build self-confidence and better understand how they fit in their expanding world.

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