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Which curriculum is best for me?
Which curriculum is best for me?
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The way you structure your center/program will help guide this decision; for example, if you group children together by age/developmental level versus group all children together in one classroom.
While Experience Curriculum is not age-based, ages will help guide the decision making and our recommendations. In general, we recommend the following curricula for the following classroom/age ranges:

  • 0-18 months: Experience Baby

  • 6-18 months: Experience Baby

  • 12-18 months: Experience Baby

  • 12-24 months: Experience Toddler

  • 18-30 months: Experience Toddler

  • 2-3 years: Experience Toddler

  • 2-5 years: Experience Multi-Age

  • 3-4 years: Experience Preschool

  • 4-5 years: Experience Preschool (optional: add More Math and Literacy)

It's also important to consider that a broad range of skills are comprehensively covered and integrated into each program in developmentally appropriate ways. There is overlap between programs to support a smooth transition from one program to the next.

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