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Are you the same as Mother Goose Time?
Are you the same as Mother Goose Time?
Updated over a week ago

Our company started over 30 years ago as Mother Goose Time. Over the years we’ve continued to grow and improve the curriculum while keeping up with best practices and research.

In 2018, we changed the name of MotherGoose Time to Experience Curriculum to be more reflective of the company’s values and mission: providing high quality, educational and meaningful experiences for all children. During that time, the curriculum was also modified to embrace an integrative, skills-based approach, with 7 Domains of Learning and 35 Skills within the Developmental Skills Continuum.

We remain true to the original intent, to be a highly accessible curriculum with hands-on materials provided monthly to support increasing a teacher’s time to focus on the all-important relationship building that is essential to a young child’s learning.

For many years after, the decision was made to keep the Mother Goose Time name and logo on all of the materials, in addition to the Experience Early Learning name and logo, so that educators who knew and loved the curriculum would still recognize it.

In 2018, additional curriculum programs were created and added to the Experience Early Learning Experience Curriculum program offerings. This is when Experience Toddler and Experience Baby were made available. Once those additional curriculum programs were added, the Mother Goose Time program was changed to Experience Preschool to create the full Experience Curriculum offerings.

The MGT logo has been slowly removed from materials, leaving only the Experience Early Learning logo. In 2023, the company decided to remove the Mother Goose Time name and logo completely and to have the curriculum, materials, resources, and websites only to reflect the Experience Early Learning name and logo, along with the Experience Curriculum program name.

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